2016 goals- living with purpose

A new year always intrigues me. It forces me to reflect on my year in review. It is a reality check to what I’ve done, where I’m going and what I plan to do (tbh, planning is my thing).

This year, I had the privilege to ring in the new year in sunny Florida for #CaubbleChristmas2015. I was invited on a 12 person RV road trip to Orlando, Florida for Christmas vacation. We spent it majority of our time at a theme park, so it naturally sounds like a National Lampoon’s storyline. And I loved every minute of it with the Caubble family and the three lucky girlfriends that got to tag along! We rode countless rides, drank too much butterbeer (HP fans, where ya at?), and simply had quality time with one another.

Anyways, I’m off track. Typical me.

I absolutely love the idea of new: starting over, being refreshed and renewed (not to be confused with change because hello, I don’t like that). I look for excuses for finishing something old for something new. Literally any excuse. I do it all the time, but #newyearnewme really brings it out. It’s a problem, actually.

I don’t like the word resolution. I just feel like it’s a word associated with January.  However, I do like goals because I feel like they’re attainable and more long-lasting. For those who don’t know me, I’m very type A. I’m self diagnosed OCD organized; I’m a planner. I have a daily checklist to go off of and I thrive off being a busy bee.

They say that if you announce something publicly, you’re more likely to stick to it. So this year, I created 2016 goals I’m laying out for anyone to see! Simply taking what I already do and modifying it to improve myself and my habits. Okay, it’s probably the same thing as a resolution, but goals just sound better in my head. Bear with me.

These are in no important order, it’s just what came to mind in order to live with purpose (thank for you for forever imprinting this in my mind, Alpha Gamma Delta)!


2016 goals as told by yours truly:

  1. Declutter. Having an itty bitty dorm room is the best fun you never wanna have again. You learn what is important and what is not so important. This post inspired me to say goodbye to the unnecessary. I will implement it as soon as I make it back to campus. I’m coming for YOU 4212!
  2. Budget and save (and stick to it!). Your grown up years are creeping up on ya! I’m determined that #brokecollegekid is not and will not be my mantra!! My favorite budget plan is this one. It is a 26 pay days to $1,500!
  3. Give, whatever resource it may be. Your time, your encouragement, your shoulder to cry on, a smile, your finances. My favorite organizations/nonprofits to give to are St. Jude , JDRF, and the United Way!
  4. Be intentional. In relationships, in Christ, in sisterhood, in class, at work, with time, you name it. And don’t hide behind the phone while you’re doing it! Be the friend you long to have.
  5. Document yo life, girl. Take pictures. The ones that don’t make sense. The real ones. The ones with the most amazing stories behind it. Blog. Journal. Whatever suits your fancy!
  6.  Pay more attention to my body. Drink more water. Get good sleep. Invest in your skincare. Exercise (gotta start somewhere, the Fitbit won’t do it for me). Yadayada. I know my body will thank me later!
  7. Finish what you start. (aka use up what you have before you get more. This is an effort to get rid of the bajillion Bath and Body works lotions/shower gels and makeup stashes I have in my possession. Hopefully, I’ll save money on this one AND declutter! (getting a head start on #1 and#2) Make the most of what ya got, sister.
  8. Say yes to things you normally wouldn’t. For example, on New Years Day, I rode this monster that I said no to every other day we were there. Hated it, but I gave it a go. You’re up next, tomatoes. o
  9. GO PLACES. I was once told you will not regret wasting your money on worthwhile experiences and I am starting to believe it. After all, there’s so much more to life than your home.
  10. Complain less, laugh more. Enjoy each day and don’t take everything so seriously!


Let the good times roll, 2016!  What are your goals and plans for this year?




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